Talent of NARUDATA’ s member

Talent of NARUDATA’ s member (Shared Value)

NARUDATA’s shared values are the company’s philosophies and management principles, a standard for all employees to judge and work in a diversified market environment, and are the ultimate vision of the organization.

Think of a person.
For People
Think of a person.

NARUDATA works for a better life. So NARUDATA does not regard people as instruments of performance, but respects them as a person.
We care about each other with genuine concern for each other. NARUDATA is a person who produces results with the belief that people are the ones who make the most achievements.

Thinking of constant innovation
Limitless Aspiration
Thinking of constant innovation

NARUDATA has an attitude that constantly thinks of a better way.
Rather than settle for today’s results, we strive to create solutions that can be used in the fast-changing future.
NARUDATA is a company that studies daily to provide better solutions by analyzing and predicting emerging problems and difficulties in advance.

Achieve your goals with wise diligence.
Wise Spirit
Achieve your goals with wise attention.

NARUDATA has a “muscle” to make it happen. Do not give up until you find a solution to the problem, try all the possibilities to achieve the goal.
This does not mean that narudata’s “muscle” is struggling alone with only one ability.
It means ‘wise wisdom’ that solves wisely through all cooperation systems and means that can be successfully mobilized with the thought of a successful finish.

Focus on solving key things.
Prioritization & Focus
Focus on solving key things.

NARUDATA focuses on identifying the most critical and implementing them. Whatever happens, we start by pinpointing the key things.
When you find something important, make sure that every solution is addressed first and foremost.