Narudata story

Narudata preparing for tomorrow

Narudata is a company that connects and creates the world’s computer data by combining ‘naru’, which means the transportation route of ships, and ‘data,’ which means infinite computer information.
Narudata dreams of making a better world through technology for a better tomorrow.

“Technology that makes better tommorow”

As a high-tech solutions company, we research and build technology for a better tomorrow.
We create skills for people around the main values of respect for people, the spirit of innovation, and wisdom.

We will strive to develop future core technologies and secure core competitiveness through the advancement of AI and big data-oriented
technologies in the financial, ICT, and solution businesses.
We will satisfy the customers of each division of finance, ICT, and solutions, and continue to find and study new business areas that require naru data to create a better future.