Automated Document Sorting Solution

Automated Document Sorting SolutionNRAutoS

NRAutoS is an automated classification process that categorizes archived and discarded documents over time.
The purpose is to protect customer information by automatically classifying documents containing personal and credit information based on retention / disposal criteria.
In addition, the reduced document space reduces the space utilization and leasing costs.

Prepare document classification

Document Classification

  • Move sorted document
  • Box barcode recognition
  • Box document information recognition
  • Classified Document Foreign Material Removal
  • Sort sorted documents
Scan and recognize

Scan and Recognize

  • Classification Scanner Preparation
  • Receive classification information
  • Image scan
  • Format code recognition
  • ECC Awareness
  • Check number per pocket
  • Scan information and image transfer
Conformance Verification

Conformance Verification

  • Validity of data consistency
  • Unrecognized / Not Classified Corrections
  • Unrecognized Index Matching
  • ECC drag recognition
  • Manage processing history
Assorted document packaging

Packing classification documents

  • Category Document Box Packaging
  • With bar code
  • Manage box information
  • Restock
Information transfer

Send information

  • Register Classification Information Changes
  • Resend Transfer
  • Live delivery

Auto document classification fast scanner

Primagest IV20-600 / MS
Primagest IV20-600MS
  • World’s Best Process Speed
  • Low noise design, working environment to fit Asian body type
  • Expandable multi stacker
  • Acquired domestic certification authority certification (electronic document, KC certification)
  • Speed: Up to 600 sheets / minute (A4 document / 200 DPI)
  • resolution: 150DPI – 600DPI
  • Feeding Type : Vacuum & Belt
  • Hopper Capacity : 1,500 sheets
  • Pocket Capacity : 500 sheets each
  • Stacker: standard 4 pockets, up to 48 pockets
  • Double feeding Detection : ultrasonic sensor, reverse rotation belt, electronic clutch
  • Control unit: touch screen, Control PC