Bill Exchange Solution

Bill Exchange Solution (ICIP)

A bill exchange solution is a solution that sends bills and checks received from branches or branches to the KFTC through image recognition, storage, and correction using a high-speed scanning solution.

Bill / Check Processing Procedure

Bill Exchange Solution Features

1. Scan feature

  • MICR read
  • Image extraction
  • Manage scan data (save, register)
  • Classification (by bank, branch, or region)

2. Business function

  • Correct bill / check information
  • Register default and error receipts
  • Funds Settled
  • Set exchange date
  • Send cashier’s check image
  • Send other sound images
  • Scan History Aggregation and Error Checking
  • Report output

3. Information processing function

  • Processing presentation information
  • Payment Information Processing
  • FTC Sending / Receiving
  • View job progress
  • Manage unpaid cashier’s checks

Bill Exchange Solution Features

Bill Exchange Solution
  • Excellent pre-ready banking with the latest OCR and ICR processors
  • Speed: 400 sheets / minute or more
  • Standard: 256GRAY, 200DPI, Check
  • Color: BW, GRAY, COLOR support
  • Resolution: 200DPI, 300DPI
  • Endorse Printer : Available (letters, numbers, images, etc.)
  • Hopper Capacity : 1,000 sheets or more
  • Stacker Capacity : Standard 6 pockets (1,200 sheets) / (Expansion: Up to 36 pockets)
  • Forgery Detector : MICR, UV, IR