Attachment image classification solution

Automatic classification of structured and unstructured forms in image documents newly received by financial institutions

Improved system efficiency by reducing labor costs according to existing handwritten classifications and utilization of existing work spaces and fast processing speed, and providing future-oriented customer service by fulfilling security compliance by installing system in data center

AI based personal identification information detection


High detection rate

Significantly higher detection rate than conventional OCR based or form coordinate based recognition technology


Quick Processing Period

Significantly faster processing speed than conventional OCR-based or form coordinate-based recognition technology (0.03 sec / long, 1080TI 2Way)



Protects from the risk of personal information leakage by detecting personally identifiable information in images and videos


artificial intelligence

Unique identification information detection technology based on deep learning technology, new personal information detection technology superior to existing OCR-based or format coordinate-based technology (detectable handwriting)


Self Management

Self-learning and management that can be easily applied to work by conducting artificial intelligence learning easily even if the person in charge does not have the development-related knowledge about the new form or the low-detection target form


Business scalability

In addition to personally identifiable information, the scope of recognition can be extended by additional learning.
** Requires GPU server for learning **