ExtraHop Reveal(x)

ExtraHop Reveal(x)

Network traffic analysis enterprise security and ITOA

Reveal(x) is the only network traffic analysis solution that delivers the scalability, speed, visibility, and reliability that enterprise security teams need.
It provides the ability to detect and respond to real threats from the complex noise of complex network architectures, centralized applications, and cloud environments.

Overcome the limits of uncertainty

Reveal(x) offers an attack chain with real-time detection and expert advice for fault analysis.
It also provides information that maps detected information to attack chains. Use Reveal(x) to detect real threats more than 95% faster.

Perfect visibility

Reveal(x) automatically discovers and categorizes all devices communicating over the network with real-time decryption of the band, allowing security teams to view hidden attackers and sensitive transaction details without compromising compliance or privacy. Gain complete visibility into the east and west, from the data center to the cloud to the edge, so you can see inside and outside your enterprise.

Real-time detection

Cloud-based machine learning uses over 4,700 features to detect suspicious behavior in real time. Reveal(x) automatically categorizes assets into peer groups, focusing on the most important assets in your business. High-fidelity detection associated with risk score and threat intelligence makes it easy to prioritize time for operational efficiency and confident response.

Guide based research analysis

Reveal(x) workflow takes the time out of collecting and parsing data manually by moving from a security event to the relevant packet in just a few clicks.
Immediate answers give you a confident answer. Powerful integration with security tools including PHANTOM, SPLUNK, and PALO ALTO takes timely action to raise alarms, automate investigations and protect customers.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) feature


Automated inventory management

Reveal(x) automatically detects and classifies all assets on your network and keeps them up to date without any manual intervention.


PFS decryption support

Reveal(x) manages security by providing full visibility into encrypted threats with passive and real-time decryption of traffic encrypted with SSL and the latest TLS1.3.


Automated Threat Analysis

Reveal(x)’s transaction information is contextualized for easy analysis in conjunction with threat intelligence, risk scores, and asset values, enabling proper priorities and reliable responses.


Peer Group Detection

By analyzing the behaviors that devices perform and classifying them into peer groups, RevealX classifies devices’ abnormal behaviors with minimal false positives.


High performance machine learning

Leveraging the most 5000+ features of machine learning techniques, RevealX manages the importance of detection, prioritization and threats based on the importance of enterprise assets.


Confidential Infringement Response System

Reveal(x) provides seamless integration with solutions such as Phantom and Palo Alto while conducting detection and investigation analysis for corporate countermeasures.

Active security benefits

Threat Detection

Improved response posture

Overcoming an overflowing noise alarm

Reduced security detection time

Reduce security detection time

Reduced troubleshooting time

Reduce troubleshooting time

Security Resource Reduction Effect

Reduced security resources

Increased successful security compromise detection

Successful security compromise
Increased detection

Responding to confidence with confidence and credibility

Enterprise-level integration speeds up enterprise automation.
Corporate security teams can save up to 59% of their time in response to security threats.